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Gilchrist Enterprises: Your Friends in Shaklee
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GET $150+ for personally enrolling others in SHAKLEE!

 FIRST:  Be enrolled as a Shaklee Distributor or GOLD Ambassador.

 THEN:  Enroll (“sponsor”) new Shaklee Members, Distributors and GOLD Ambassadors to earn Personal Sponsoring Points…within your first 3 full months of enrollment in the Shaklee Family.


Accumulate 15 Points andthe $150 check is automatic!


…and these points count for the Shaklee Dream Trip & Team Up prizes!


How you earn Personal Sponsoring Points:


10 Points-Sponsor a Super GOLD Ambassador


5 Points-Sponsor a $299 GOLD Ambassador


2 Points-Sponsor a Distributor w/100PV* product order


1 Point-Sponsor a Member or Distributor w/50PV* product order


Note: To count for personal sponsoring points, PV for order or enrollment upgrade must be entered within 60 days of enrollment and before the expiration of the 3 full months eligibility period.

SPONSORING POINTS DOUBLE  for the Shaklee Dream Trip if the person you sponsor establishes a 100 PV AUTOSHIP and maintains it for 3 months!



POWER BONUS is an ongoing part of what you can earn from Shaklee!   You get ANOTHER 3-MONTH POWER BONUS option at each new rank!

SHARE the Shaklee Power Bonus opportunity with your new prospects as an exciting way they can earn upfront cash from Shaklee just like you.

                  IT “PAYS” to  USE and SHARE  SHAKLEE!


*PV = All Shaklee products come with a point value (PV), also known as personal volume.