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GET CINCHED!  I did, and I love the difference.

My Cinch Story:  How it worked and what I did.

My situation was not unusual:  those stubborn menopausal pounds and inches that creep on.  I tried "cutting back."  NOTHING.  At some point you can't cut back anymore, and who wants to be deprived?  All my clothes were tight and uncomfortable, then became unwearable.  I began to use cover ups to hide my expanded waist and butt.  Feeling dumpy and lumpy and around the middle, I began to lose hope of ever getting the old me back.

So I got the Cinch Starter Kit and made my plan.  The program said to expect inch loss first.  Since my goal was a better shape I chose not to get on a scale.  I wanted size reduction and figured that seeing how my clothes fit would tell the tale.  As it turned out...that is exactly what happened.

I started in January like everyone else and by the end of March I had dropped 2 pants sizes.  I had my waist back, AND a flatter stomach!  It felt so good to look better in my clothes and get back into my skinny jeans.  That was 3 years ago and the results have lasted.  Yes, I did get on the scale at some point out of curiosity.  All I can say is that I was exactly what I weighed in college. Those were good years. 

Here is how I did it.

From a food standpoint I decided to focus on fitting 4 raw fruits and 4 raw vegetables (about a cup each) DAILY into a sensible diet.  We all know what not-to-eat, so I chose to ADD these better foods that I wasn't eating, and eat a lot of them.  Water (Shaklee BestWater at home) became my beverage of choice.  (Oh, and I exercised in my pajamas to a "senior" video for 10 minutes, five times a week.  No biggie.)

I used the CINCH Shakes, Meal Bars, Tea and Boost.  I have a little cocktail whip (looks like a stem with a wire squiggle on the end) and it manually whips up a smooth tasty shake in unflavored soymilk.  Combining flavors is fun.  A scoop of Chocolate with a scoop of Strawberry is surprisingly good.  My favorite continues to be Chocolate and Vanilla, sipped with a straw. 

For variety, I love whipping two scoops of the Vanilla Cinch powder into 8 oz. of plain unflavored soymilk in a huge mug-bowl to which I add a cup of frozen blueberries.  It's like 'blueberries 'n cream!'  Stirring the frozen berries creates a slush that is so refreshing.  I do the same with frozen strawberries and Chocolate Cinch.  There is something pleasant about enjoying Cinch with a spoon!  SO much more nutritious than a bowl of cereal!

Cinch Meal Bars are a great lunch, combined with an apple, salted cucumber spears and Cinch Tea.  A half-Meal Bar is a great snack and was a real treat when I just "needed something." 

Dinner is additional protein...chicken, fish and occasionally a good steak, keeping an eye on portions.  I generally bring home up to half the meal from restaurants!  Plus green veggies, a salad, fruit, etc.  Frozen blueberries eaten as-is are like sherbet for dessert! 

In 2008 Joe and I earned the Shaklee Paradise Trip to Hawaii.  Of course, we ate like kings and queens.  Back home, I simply went back on my Cinch routine and my body responded well.  The way Cinch retains muscle mass has renewed my metabolism!

I continue to use Cinch Shakes, Meal Bars and Tea.  They just make me feel better and are so easy to use every day.  I switched from the Boost to Vitalizer since my carb cravings dwindled to practically nothing.  Plus I added Vivix since it is being studied for help in maintaining ideal weight. 

Having the 4 raw fruits and 4 raw vegetables each day has become a wonderful habit.  Doing so replaces the crackers, chips, cereals, etc., I used to grab.  Now, bread has to be REALLY outstanding for me to eat it.  Our food shopping is 50% fresh produce.  I enjoy mixing fruit and vegetables together. My favorite is a combination of cucumber cuts and blueberries, sprinkled with a teaspoon of parmesan-romano cheese, and eaten with a spoon!  Carrot cuts and blueberries are great too....very crunchy.  

I start the day with my Cinch shake, and enjoy a breakfast bowl of raw fruits and veggies just like having cereal...without the milk.  Added to each meal...you guessed it...another combo of fruit and veggie.  Evening snack?  My 4th serving of fruit and veggie.  Sometimes I have popcorn or a half-Meal Bar along with it. 

That's my story.  Hope it inspires you!     ...Pam

(If you are curious about Joe, he lost 20+ pounds using Cinch.  I had to buy him a new belt in no time.  The men always have it a little easier.  Joe's breakfast is a Cinch Meal Bar with a banana and coffee.  Right now he is enjoying a bowl of red grapes and salted cucumber cuts.)