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Gilchrist Enterprises: Your Friends in Shaklee
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In 1979 we had never heard of Shaklee. Joe was working for Acme Markets, we were both former high school teachers, and I was a stay-at-home mom on a tight budget. A friend gave me a sample of "Basic-H," a safe all-purpose organic cleaner from Shaklee.  I used it for EVERYTHING. Our home sparkled and  Basic-H proved to be a huge savings.

Gradually we learned more about Shaklee. No pressure, no hype, just a company with unique products and a history of helping people get healthy, protect the planet, and create income. When a Shaklee nutritional product solved a long-term health problem for one of our children, we felt compelled to expose others to everything Shaklee offers.

‘Doing Shaklee’ continues to be one of the best decisions of our life. Besides our health and the friendship of our ever-growing Shaklee "family," our Shaklee income continues to climb. We aren’t at 6 figures yet but halfway there!  Our retirement is so much more secure.  Plus, our Shaklee activity qualifies us for major-expense paid trips. We've enjoyed trips to California, Florida, Hawaii, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Vienna...all on Shaklee!  The Car Bonus payment and tax advantages of our Shaklee business are a real plus too.

Shaklee continues to solve health issues for us.  We are staying younger longer and are THRILLED that our grandchildren take Shaklee.   Regardless of the ups and downs in the economy, our Shaklee income is solid and growing.

Shaklee President and CEO Roger Barnett is taking Shaklee into foreign countries.  Those who partner with Shaklee today will be on the leading edge of this global expansion, with the ability to promote healthy products and income opportunities for families around the world as well as in our own backyards!  The Shaklee income model continues to be the envy of the social marketing industry. 

Meet with us to ‘Talk Shaklee’ and see how you can resolve everyday health concerns naturally, and create steady income for a richer, healthier life for yourself and others.

Pam & Joe Gilchrist, Your Friends in Shaklee  215-364-4491  www.news.myshaklee.com