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Here's the inside scoop:  Our Vivix Testimony...and more!

At this point, Joe and I have been taking Vivix for over a year.  Both of us have seen wonderful changes on the outside (our skin) so we can only imagine the improvements taking place on the inside. 
I had a persistent itchy, cracking, flaking scalp condition for years, a situation that would flare and subside, and has had a dermatologist scratching his head (no pun intented!).  I chose not to use steroids. Using Shaklee nutritional supplements and skin care products has kept the condition at bay all these years, but after 3 months of a daily spoonful of Vivix....IT IS GONE!   (9 months later, still gone) 
Joe has had a small "blackhead-type" cyst in the middle of his back for over 20 years.  Since he is checked periodically for skin cancer (boyhood summers in Atlantic City!) he asked his doctor about it.  The opinion was it was not a problem, not worth removing.  Now it is gone completely...so completely I can't tell where it was.  Recently both of us noticed that our skin tags are gone!  A friend I haven't seen for some time commented that my skin looks younger.
Shaklee is studying even more areas of possible benefit! (Weight management, auto-immune disorders, diabetes, vision, etc.)

Not only has Shaklee filed for multiple patents to protect this innovation, they have assured that Shaklee will have the entire output of the largest and best growers of one of the key ingredients (RESVERATROL) so that they can deliver these benefits to you.

Joe's experience with Vivix has shown immediate benefits for the prostate too. Joe has an enlarged prostate with the resulting frequent sprints to the bathroom despite taking the medications his urologist has prescribed. Within DAYS of taking VIVIX daily, his frequency and urgency STOPPED. He is even sleeping better through the night without interruption!  Also, Joe's last bloodwork (12/09) showed a drop in his PSA number!

Others have shared their testimonies with us: VIVIX is helping relieve essential tremors, blurred vision, peripheral neuropathy, joint pain, sarcoidosis...and this has all happened in the short time that VIVIX has become available. We are excited about the future!

Here is an unsolicited Vivix testimony from Deb Doebler, a busy IT support person for the school district:

I want you to know that I personally feel my memory and focus has noticeably improved especially when I am multi-tasking at work.  I have been sharp on the job handling many tasks at once very well. The teachers even ask me how I am doing this and keeping pace.   

I am also on Simcor for my very high cholesterol (hereditary) for about the same time as the Vivix. I am going to have my blood levels retested soon to see how my numbers look by getting a VAP test. This will show a full breakdown of my blood levels. Typically medicines such as statins worsen memory. So that leaves me thinking VIVIX is very powerful and doing a good job for me. 

My blood levels have stabilized and I no longer have been on Simcor since June.  However I have been religiously going to the gym since May 2010.

I am very serious and feel very different than I did in August. Something changed and I think it is the VIVIX.

 Just thought I would share this with you.  Deb


Yesterday my husband, Joe, had a health check-up with his internist, Dr. Roberto Panis, MD.  Joe has a history of very, very high blood pressure : 201/90+???  He has also suffered some mini-strokes.  Several months ago after extreme fatigue from all the blood pressure meds, Joe decided to ditch the 'am' meds and instead take two servings of VIVIX, Shaklee's cellular anti-aging tonic.  His blood pressure read 120/72 yesterday.  Dr. Panis was thrilled.  So Joe shared what adjustments he made in his meds and told Dr. Panis about VIVIX.  Dr. said, "Keep on doing what you are doing."  Dr. was very grateful to receive the info on VIVIX. Joe is 65 years old and still works fulltime as a college administrator and parttime as a college teacher.
Thank you Shaklee!  Liz Coleman

VIVIX is sold as a month's supply...with the assurance of a refund guarantee.


Pam & Joe